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Cavemen in news! Oetzi’s DNA tells a tale

DNA tests show that everyone’s favourite semi-mummified prehistoric mountaineer had brown eyes, lactose intolerance and type O blood. In other words, he lacked three typically European traits. Mind you, he’s in the company of plenty of contemporary Europeans.

LINK: BBC News – Oetzi the Iceman’s nuclear genome gives new insights (BBC News)

Oetzi was not a paleolithic man, but rather a prehistoric neolithic kind of guy who lived in a period of transition from eating wild foods to farmed ones. At the hour of his apparent murder by bow and arrow, he had both kinds of grub in his belly. According to Wikipedia, his diet was something like an urban hipster’s: He ate free-range game for meat, he carried around seeds and fruit kernels as a hiking snack, and his bread was made from what I guess we’d now call heirloom strains of grain …  Continue reading

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Modern foods the experts won’t touch

LINK: 7 Foods Even Food Safety Experts Won’t Eat.

Now here’s some “I told you so” fodder, paleo pals.

All seven foods sound scary enough. But I have some caveats: Each food is blackballed on what appears to be the advice of a single expert. Some of them appear to have an occupational interest in sticking up for organic and natural foods. And I’m generally wary of faddish food hysteria.

But still, it’s worth a read and some consideration. This article got me eating organic apples, for one thing.

Some of these foods are all off-limits to me while on the paleo kick anyway. And concerning the corn-fed beef, well, I’m still eating supermarket beef for reasons of cost and convenience. It would be nice to be able to switch entirely to grass-fed, and soon.

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The real caveman diet: What did people eat in prehistoric times? – Slate Magazine

Slate (my favourite online magazine — and what a nice, caveman-friendly name) has a piece that partially answers a question I get asked all the time: Does the Paleo Diet really reflect the paleo diet? Are Paleo Dieters eating what cave people ate?

Specifically, this post deals with the ancient nature of many of the fruits we eat, and the not-so-ancient nature of the vegetables. Interesting …

LINK: The real caveman diet: What did people eat in prehistoric times? -Slate Magazine.

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