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Friends: Helpful for that extra push off the cliff


During this first month of cavemanning, I imagined myself dividing much of my spare time between the regular gym and the CrossFit gym, hardening my slovenly jelly-flesh into something more respectably hunter-gatherer-like.

For various reasons, this hasn’t happened. Most importantly, I jammed my right big toe in a random stair-climbing pratfall, which gave me, as always, an excuse to avoid my least-favourite place: the stupid gym. Continue reading

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The 10 Paleo foods I rely on most

cave meal_SM

Korean pork belly and roasted pike, kimchi, and a daikon, carrot and cilantro salad with dressing of coconut oil, lime juice and honey

When I first tried the paleo diet for a month in 2010, I soon found that I became dependent on certain go-to foods — things I would eat over and over again, for the most part because they were foods that conformed to the diet, were tasty enough to feel like a treat, and (perhaps most important for a busy caveman) were simple to prepare.

A week after resolving to eat paleo this time around, I’m back to gorging on the old favourites. I’m curious what other paleo and primal folks would put in the same category.

Here are my Top 10 go-to paleo foods, in no particular order:


Smoked, baked or barbecued. Wild Pacific salmon, ideally from Alaska, for sustainability reasons Continue reading

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Typical meal

729714_10152398997460156_552401113_oTwo days into paleo eating according to my own rules, it’s a case of so far, so good. I’m not frustrated or tempted so far, despite not really having had a chance to stock up on lots of caveman treats (oysters, for example) that would make the experience more pleasurable.

This meal above is typical: Frozen baby shrimp (from Ikea!) with avocado and a makeshift dressing of lime juice, buckwheat honey and coconut oil, plus a tiny touch of Thai curry paste (a small cheat). Salad is carrot, daikon, cilantro/coriander and roasted unsalted sunflower seeds. Dessert, not shown, was blueberries.

I show you my dinner to dispel possible myths: People imagine a so-called caveman diet as little more than slabs of meat, but in reality it’s a colourful and diverse way to eat. The only problem is that you really have to plan ahead; a 21st-century city offers little food on the go for a cave person.