Typical meal

729714_10152398997460156_552401113_oTwo days into paleo eating according to my own rules, it’s a case of so far, so good. I’m not frustrated or tempted so far, despite not really having had a chance to stock up on lots of caveman treats (oysters, for example) that would make the experience more pleasurable.

This meal above is typical: Frozen baby shrimp (from Ikea!) with avocado and a makeshift dressing of lime juice, buckwheat honey and coconut oil, plus a tiny touch of Thai curry paste (a small cheat). Salad is carrot, daikon, cilantro/coriander and roasted unsalted sunflower seeds. Dessert, not shown, was blueberries.

I show you my dinner to dispel possible myths: People imagine a so-called caveman diet as little more than slabs of meat, but in reality it’s a colourful and diverse way to eat. The only problem is that you really have to plan ahead; a 21st-century city offers little food on the go for a cave person.


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