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The 10 Paleo foods I rely on most

cave meal_SM

Korean pork belly and roasted pike, kimchi, and a daikon, carrot and cilantro salad with dressing of coconut oil, lime juice and honey

When I first tried the paleo diet for a month in 2010, I soon found that I became dependent on certain go-to foods — things I would eat over and over again, for the most part because they were foods that conformed to the diet, were tasty enough to feel like a treat, and (perhaps most important for a busy caveman) were simple to prepare.

A week after resolving to eat paleo this time around, I’m back to gorging on the old favourites. I’m curious what other paleo and primal folks would put in the same category.

Here are my Top 10 go-to paleo foods, in no particular order:


Smoked, baked or barbecued. Wild Pacific salmon, ideally from Alaska, for sustainability reasons Continue reading

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Cavemen in news! Oetzi’s DNA tells a tale

DNA tests show that everyone’s favourite semi-mummified prehistoric mountaineer had brown eyes, lactose intolerance and type O blood. In other words, he lacked three typically European traits. Mind you, he’s in the company of plenty of contemporary Europeans.

LINK: BBC News – Oetzi the Iceman’s nuclear genome gives new insights (BBC News)

Oetzi was not a paleolithic man, but rather a prehistoric neolithic kind of guy who lived in a period of transition from eating wild foods to farmed ones. At the hour of his apparent murder by bow and arrow, he had both kinds of grub in his belly. According to Wikipedia, his diet was something like an urban hipster’s: He ate free-range game for meat, he carried around seeds and fruit kernels as a hiking snack, and his bread was made from what I guess we’d now call heirloom strains of grain …  Continue reading

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